Engagement of Francophone communities

How to engage Francophones


The French-language Health Services Planning Entities (Entités) were established by the Ontario government in part because of a lack of access to French-language health services equivalent to those offered in English in the province.

The lack of access to these services is due in part to the provincial government and health service providers (HSPs), but it is also due to the great reluctance of many Francophones to request services in their first language.

This is why one of Entité 3’s mandates is to encourage Francophone communities to make active demands.

Entity 3 hopes that this awareness will lead to an understanding that Francophone communities need to demand the French language health services they are entitled to.

Assessment of needs and priorities

In addition to raising awareness of the need for Francophones to request health services in French in a minority language context, Entité 3 assesses various health priorities and needs. We make recommendations to health system authorities such as Health Ontario, including through advisory reports.

Dufferin and Caledon Francophone Community Engagement Projects

A pilot project using the HQ Engagement community engagement platform is underway. It is an opportunity to reach out to the Francophone community in the Dufferin and Caledon area and invite them to become involved in the development of the new structures of the Hills of Headwaters Ontario Health Team.


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