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What is the difference between identification and designation?

Identification is a selection process used by the Ministries of Health and Long-Term Care to plan the delivery of French language services. An organization is identified according to its internal capacity to offer services in French (number of human resources with French language skills, number of Francophone patients using the resource). e or complete.

Unlike designation under the French Language Services Act, 1990 (FLSA), identification as an organization that can provide services in French does not create legal obligations for health service providers (HSPs). However, identification may be a step towards partial or full designation.

  • Identification → no legal obligations
  • Designation → obligations and firm commitment
  • Full designation → all services
  • Partial designation → a service or program
What is the designation?

The designation of an organization is the official recognition by the provincial government of the competence of that organization to offer services in French according to the criteria defined by the Ministry of Francophone Affairs (MAFO) under the FLSA. It demonstrates a strong commitment to providing quality services in French that effectively meet the needs of its Francophone clients.

Type of designation

An organization’s designation may be comprehensive when it covers all of the organization’s services and programs. The designation may also be partial when it is specific to a given service or program.

How Entity 3 assists FSSs with identification or designation

Entity 3 identifies and guides in their identification and/or designation process, FSS with the potential to proceed with the implementation of French language services. Our contribution is as follows:

  • Sharing information on local francophone populations and their health needs.
  • Guidance and support in completing the application for designation form or letter of request for identification.
  • Submission of forms/letters to LHINs and Health Ontario for validation and forwarding to the Ministries of Health and Long-Term Care.
  • Sharing of tools and best practices for implementing French language health services among health care providers and support throughout the process.
  • Customized training designed for all decision-making levels of an organization and customization of the proposed tools.
  • Development of webinars.
  • Support for the development of a Francophone clientele and the creation of lasting community relationships with Francophone individuals, groups, institutions and media.
  • Provide, according to capacity, promotional items to help communicate the offer of services in French.
  • Promotion of your French-language health services to Francophone health consumers, including workshops


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