Our main objective is to increase access to and the quality of French-language health services.


Our mission is to establish strategic partnership and leadership in regional and local planning and implementation of French Language Services in health. We do this by engaging communities through active demand of health services. We also support the health system and health service providers through an active offer approach to implement health services in French.


Our vision is to ensure that the Francophone communities has access to an integrated and optimal health system that reflects its linguistic and cultural diversity. Our vision is to eliminate the language barrier between Francophones and health services so that all, regardless of age, race, origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, education, religion, socio-economic status and culture, have access to the quality services in French to which they are entitled.


Respect: We believe in providing an environment where people are respected and passionate about their work and are able to reach their full potential.

Person-centered care: We believe in treating a person receiving healthcare with dignity and respect and involving them in all decisions about their health.

Diversity: We believe in leading by example, demonstrating ethics, trust, transparency and teamwork in all we do.
Accountability: We believe in having a winning attitude that drives the achievement of our goals efficiently and effectively.

Transparency: We believe in working together to ensure that excellent services are delivered that create real value for our Francophone communities.


First, our mandate is to make recommendations  to Health Ontario (until recently via the LHINs –Local Health Integration Networks) regarding various aspects develop appropriate health services for local Francophone communities. This is done in order to foster the contribution of Francophone communities in a sustained manner to the planning of local quality health services in French.

Second, we also work with health services providers (HSP) on systemic health initiatives in order to SUPPORT HSPs in the planning, implementation and promotion of active offer of health services in French.

Third, we are working to ENGAGE Francophone communities in various ways to determine its needs and priorities; we assess the health needs and priorities of different groups and develop active demand strategies to improve access, accessibility and integration of health services in French.


  • Meet the need for health services in French across our current catchment areas: Toronto Central, Mississauga Halton and Central West.
  • Promote the active offer of health services for Francophone communities.
  • Provide support to service providers in their efforts to develop health services in French.
  • Proactively engage and mobilize Francophone communities by working with local community groups, including service providers, health professionals, residents and consumers on active demand of services.
  • Make recommendations to Ontario Health on:
    • Methods of engaging Francophone communities;
    • The health needs and priorities of Francophone communities, including the needs and priorities of diverse groups within those communities;
    • The health services available to Francophone communities in the area;
    • The identification and designation of health service providers under the FLS Act;
    • Strategies to improve availability, accessibility to and integration of French language health services.