Toronto Central LHIN is responsible for planning, funding and integrating local health services that meet the needs of 1.2 million residents, including 59,000 Francophones and tens of thousands of others who come to Toronto for care.

Toronto’s Francophone population is rich in diversity and is dispersed across the city. Likewise, French language health services are scattered across the LHIN, which contributes to challenges navigating the health care system for this particular population. According to Statistics Canada (2011), many Francophones are recent immigrants and/or visible minorities. Almost half were born outside of Canada and may not be familiar with the Ontario healthcare system.

250 Dundas Steet West, Suite 305
Toronto (Ontario) M5T 2Z5
Tel: 416-217-3820, ext. 3360
Toll free number: 1.866.383.5446

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The coordinator of services in French
Tharcisse Ntakibirora