Entité 3 recognizes that – even for an agency with the best of intentions – implementing French language health services (FLS) is not simple. We make it our duty to support organizations in developing FLS to the best of our knowledge. We offer personalized and quality support for each health service provider, at all levels, including:

  • providing data on Francophone communities
  • giving advice on FLS implementation
  • assessing internal FLS capacity in your agency
  • creating an action plan
  • implementing different services and policies
  • taking part in consultations
  • communicating with ministries and agencies.

To respond effectively to your needs, Entité 3 has developed a toolbox offering quality templates and models, accessible and user-friendly (e.g. sustainability plan, designation plan, FLS policy, letter of support), to facilitate the different processes and steps necessary to provide FLS.

Please contact one of our agents one of our planning officers or fill the form.