Bringing awareness

The French Language Health Planning Entities (Entities) were established by the Ontario government in part because of a lack of access to health services in French. The government and health service providers (HSPs) are partly responsible, but the lack of integration is also caused in part by the great reluctance of many Francophones to request services in French. This is why one of Entité 3’s purposes is to engage the French-speaking communities to make active demand.

It is hoped that raising awareness amongst the various communities will lead to an increased awareness of many community members who will then be more inclined to request French language services to which they are entitled.

Needs and Priorities Assessment

In addition to educating Francophones about how to demand health services in French, Entité 3 also assesses the needs and priorities of different groups in terms of health care and develop strategies to improve accessibility and integration of health services in French.

Community engagement projects

Francophones in Dufferin et Caledon

A pilot project using the EngagementHQ community engagement platform is underway. It allows us to reach out to the French-speaking community in the Dufferin/Caledon region to get it involved in the implementation of the Hills of Headwaters Ontario Health Team.

For more information, please visit the Francophones de Dufferin et Caledon website.