Why become a member?

Making sure your voice counts. Making sure it has an impact on the health of your community. That’s what becoming a member means.

When you become a member of Entité 3, you allow us to give more weight to our recommendations to health authorities such as Ontario Health, and to health service providers.

The more Francophones rally to the cause of French-language health services in the Greater Toronto Area, the more Entité 3 can gain support to plan the active offer of quality health services in French in the regions that we serve.

Being a member of Entité 3 allows you to:

  • Vote at our Annual General Meetings
  • Be elected to the Board of Directors or participate in a Board Committee
  • Make your voice heard and take back ownership of the health system
  • Help us make recommendations

Becoming a member of Entité 3 is:

  • Free
  • Gratifying
  • Simple – just fill out the form below!
    Or download the Membership form in PDF format and send us your registration by mail


Entité 3 offers a variety of opportunities to get involved. As a volunteer, you can grow and make an important contribution to the Francophone communities. You can also take part in various activities to promote the active offer of health services in French. If the challenge inspires you, join us!

Your commitment will give you many opportunities:

  • to act as an ambassador for Francophone communities at various events (festivals, fairs, trade shows, conventions, etc.) and on social media;
  • to represent Francophone communities in the health field;
  • to be a part of our work team, on a voluntary basis, and assume various responsibilities;
  • to make new friends and create connections within French-speaking networks;
  • to gain experience and new skills;
  • to contribute to the lives of Francophones in our region.

Interested? Contact us! info@entite3.ca.